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In its beginnings, around 1900, Japanese animation was called senga eiga (literally “line-drawn movies”), later it was known as Doga (moving images) and, finally, around 1960 it was renamed animeeshon. originally (アニメーション animēshon?). Hence it is shortened to “anime” (アニメ). On the other hand, it is believed that it is a word of French origin. Anime is a medium of great expansion in Japan, being at the same time a product of commercial and cultural entertainment, which has caused a cultural phenomenon in popular masses and a way of technological art. It is potentially aimed at all audiences, from children, adolescents, adults; to classification specializations essentially borrowed from the existing one for manga, with base classes designed for sociodemographic specifications such as employees, housewives, students, etc. Therefore, they can deal with subjects, themes and genres as diverse as love, adventure, science fiction, children’s stories, literature, sports, horror, fantasy, comedy and many others.Anime, (in Japanese, アニメ) also written anime and anime in Spanish, is a style of traditional or computer animation of Japanese origin.

Anime is traditionally drawn by hand and at the beginning the processes carried out digitally were very specific (retouching and editing). However, currently the most common tasks in the production of an animation, such as coloring or visual effects (brightness, shadows, ambient light, etc.), are done with digital applications, which allow greater control. on the work and help to streamline the work of cartoonists to unsuspected levels in a traditional animation process.7 His scripts include a large part of the fiction genres and are broadcast through audiovisual media (television broadcast, distribution in formats home video and movies with audio). The relationship between anime and manga is close, as historically a large number of anime series and works are based on popular manga stories. Although, it also has a narrow relation with visual novels.

The Anime is fundamentally characterized by the particular use of limited animation, flat expression, the suspension of time, its thematic range, the presence of historical references, its complex narrative line and above all, a peculiar neotenic style of drawing, with characters characterized by large, oval eyes with a very defined line, bright colors and reduced movement of the lips


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